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Evangelist Ron Alberico travels with his family to churches preaching the Gospel and helping pastors, families, and Christians "grow in the grace and the knowledge of Christ."


"One of the many things I like best about Ron and Amy, is their child-raising technique: they back up their child-raising advice with Bible verses and Biblical principles. Also, they have a personal relationship with Jesus, love Him, and know the Bible well. Their home demonstrates a peaceful, quiet, and happy atmosphere where the children have fun learning, and learning responsibility by carrying out a few daily chores. The children are very well behaved, and that is what drew me to inquire about their parenting techniques. After a few weeks of meeting with the Albericos and applying their principles, my daughter's behavior, attitude, and obedience greatly improved. I find myself using their phrases such as "obey right away, all the way, with a good attitude". I just cannot express enough the blessing and help they have been to me and my family. I'm sure they will be a blessing to you as well if given the chance!"

-A mom in Minnesota

About Fundamental Families

Fundamental Families is a ministry of Evangelist and Mrs. Ron Alberico. Ron was saved at the age of 14 at a Family Bible Camp meeting. Amy was saved as a young girl in Bridgeport, MI. Ron and Amy went to Ambassador Baptist College where Amy graduated with a Music degree. Ron furthered his education at Southern Indiana Baptist College where he received his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate. Ron and Amy and their two children, Patience Joy and Faithful Truth, are based out of Agape Baptist Church in Stockton, MO.
Fundamental Families was started to help families grow both in the nurture of the Bible and through their local church. We have applied the word "fundamental" to "families" because:

Strong families are fundamental to any nation. When the family unit deteriorates, so does its nation.
Strong families are fundamental to any church.
A fundamental, Bible believing, preaching church in turn is fundamental to every family. Since we strongly believe this, our home and our ministry are based out of a fundamental, Baptist church.
God, the Bible, and salvation through Jesus Christ alone are fundamental to every family.

When all of these parts are working in harmony with each other, you have revival, which ultimately is the calling that God has placed upon Evangelist Ron Alberico. If you are ever interested in having Evangelist Ron Alberico minister to your church, please let us know. May this website encourage and improve your home to the glory of God.




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Helping families in our Independent Fundamental churches by teaching Biblical principals and encouraging Christians to embrace the standards and values of the faith.